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LS-10M-DALI2 (100…440mA 10W)


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LED power supply with adjustable output current
14 W max., IP20, independent installation
Dimmable with DALI2, PUSH (pri.)
Flickerfree according to IEEE 1789

Electrical Data

Input Voltage (range) 198…264 Vac
Input Voltage (AC) 220…240 Vac
Input Voltage (DC) 200…240 Vac
Mains Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Factor (λ) 0.80(230Vac, 100mA/40V)  Full Load
0.90 (230Vac, 180mA/40V)  Full Load
0.95 (230Vac, 270mA/40V,350mA/36V, 440mA/27V)  Full Load
Input Current 0.07 A max.  230Vac
Inrush Current 8 A max.
Output Voltage 55 Vdc max.
Output Current 100 mA, 9-40 Vdc, 1.0-4.0 W
180 mA, 9-40 Vdc, 1.6-7.2 W
270 mA, 9-40 Vdc, 2.4-10.8 W
350 mA, 9-36 Vdc, 3.2-12.6 W
440 mA, 9-27 Vdc, 4.0-11.9 W
Output Power (nominal) 12.6 W max.
Efficiency ≥ 79 %  Full Load, 230 Vac
Life Time 5 years  Ta Full Load
Dimming DALI-2 (0-100%)
Primary PUSH (2-100%)


Operating Condition

Operating temperature range (ta) -25…+50 °C
Max. Surface Temperature (tc) 85 °C
Permitted rel. Humidity 10…95 %
Protection Class I
Type of Protection IP20



Short Circuit Protection Yes *
Overload Protection Yes *
Overvoltage protection Yes *
Overheating Protection Yes *

(*) The output shuts off and will be resumed, after problem is removed and led driver is restarted.


Standards & Certificates

Standards (LVD) EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-13
EN 62493, EN60598-1
Standards (EMC) EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
EN 55015, EN 61547
Standards (DALI) IEC62386-102, IEC62386-207 DT6
Approval Marks CE
RoHS Compliant Yes



Type of Installation Independent installation
Type of Connection Spring-loaded terminal
Cable Cross-Section, input side 0.75…1.5 mm²
Cable Cross-Section, output side 0.75…1.5 mm²
Cable Preparation Length, input side 6…8 mm
Cable Preparation Length, output side 6…8 mm







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